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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website design to fit all screens. Don’t be left in the dark, update your site to match today’s technology & society! Your site should be a nice experience and not a frustration for your customers, which is sometimes caused by trying to view the site on a tablet or phone.


Increase your sales by having your shop online!

Known as E-commerce, having a shop online is a must for most. It is important to note this takes time and will need to be maintained just like a normal shop. I can setup up your shop and help run it online. However if you would like, I can make a step by step guide and train a trusted staff member to run your online shop. For example, since 2014, statistics have shown that having an online shop boosted sales from 10% to 21% on average in the UK and Ireland

Branding & Promoting

Here at Transparent Pixels, I don’t just create websites. I can also arrange any print works or designs for your company with ease. It is very important to have a strong brand image that people recognise. If you think you have a brand people know, and feel it needs a face-lift, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Promoting yourself is very important for your business. Business Cards, Posters,  Promotional Stands, Headed paper, Stationary, Billboards, Social media covers, profiles and promotional social media are just some of the designs I can help you with.

Transparent Pixels also offer a consultation service where I will review your business, working out where your strong points are and strengthening your weak points. Once done, we can work out the best way to promote your business successfully!

Adding protection to your site and much more!

There are numerous ways to increase your site security which in turn will also help direct traffic to your website on google. This is known commonly as your Google Rank/Google Ranking. We strongly suggest getting an SSL certificate. This is known to most internet users as the little green security lock or “secure” beside your site name. Having this, not only instills trust and belief in your website and brand for your customer, but also applies added security to the site. This in turn increases your google rank and helps your website gain hits in search engines.

Transparent Pixels will only take a back up of your website on completion and once a year thereafter. However we can offer a monthly backup service which in the event of a cyber hack or data breach makes it very easy to restore your website in the fastest time possible. These are becoming very common in today’s digital world. Having a large online shop heightens your chances of a attack as people are logging in on multiple device types.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service

SEO relates to how you are displayed to people depending on what they search for on the internet. Examples of the most commonly used search engines are Google, Sarfari, Bing, Yahoo etc… What people type into the search engine must relate to your website for it to be displayed to the end user. Increasing keywords, taglines, alt tags on images will help increase this. Having your SSL cert “the lock symbol” mentioned previously will also help.


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