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Brand Design

Here at Transparent Pixels, I don’t just create websites. I can also arrange any print works or designs for your company with ease. It is very important to have a strong brand image that people recognise. If you think you have a brand people know, and feel it needs a face-lift, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Promoting yourself is very important for your business. Business Cards, Posters, Promotional Stands, Headed paper, Stationary, Billboards, Social media covers, profiles and promotional social media are just some of the designs I can help you with.

Transparent Pixels also offer a consultation service where I will review your business, working out where your strong points are and strengthening your weak points. Once done, we can work out the best way to promote your business successfully!

Print Designs

When you hear the words Print Design is relates to anything that needs to go to a printer for completion. Transparent Pixels cover all the print design you can think of, including, Business Cards, Posters, Promotional Stands, Headed Paper, Stationary, Billboards, Flyers, Menus, Paper Adverts etc…

Social Media Design

Your brand needs to be the same throughout the internet, social media included. Here at Transparent Pixels we cover a range of options to do that for you. Simply contact us for your social media design. For example, a certain type of advert campaign your planning on promoting on social media. Or promote a certain product or catalog through Facebook. Contact Transparent Pixels and we will design a product range to include your branding and in a style that represents your business correctly and professionally.

When it comes to business profiles and covers, it is once again important to keep brand continuity throughout. We design seasonal profiles and cover packages for all social media which include St. Patrick Day, Halloween, Easter, Summer, Winter, Christmas, New Year’s etc… If there are other events or promotions you require, simply let us know.


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