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E-Mail Setup and Support

Here at Transparent Pixels, We are here to help with any issue relating to your emails, having issues receiving e-mails, maybe you just need help with the setup we can fix it all.

Setting up a G-suite is very popular and affordable this is essentially a personalized google mail account and offers all google products along with it such as google sheets, google docs, google calendar etc…

We know having your e-mails at your hand is important, setting up your e-mails on any device is one of our specialties so get in touch!


Websites | Hosting | Domain | WordPress IT Support

With over 10 years experience with all C-panels and hosting companies, its fair to say we know a lot when it comes to Website issues, WordPress problems, E-mail issues, DNS issues and just like getting enjoyment from solving a puzzle, Getting to the root of the problem to fix it is what excites us.

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