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Transparent Pixels design all work in WordPress. WordPress has changed a lot in recent years and is extremely customisable for designers, which enables making changes to your content much easier and faster than a traditional website. WordPress is extremely popular and is even used by big brands such as BBC America, Sony, Disney, The New Yorker and even Microsoft.

Here at Transparent Pixels we use WordPress as a site building platform for so many reasons. One of the main reasons we favour this development tool is its ability to allow quick editing and previewing of your website. But it is not just the developer that benefits from using it WordPress. WordPress has substantial scale ability which allows websites to grow with easy. As your company grows, WordPress makes the addition of new content quick and easy. So if you need a blog, online shop or even a portfolio added at a later date, WordPress allows us to do this in the quickest time possible.


What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website design is exactly that, your website changes and automatically responds to different screen sizes. This means that whether you are viewing your website on a laptop, tablet or phone, your website will adjust to fit the display on the device automatically.  There is no need to squeeze the screen on your phone to view a section of your website which helps to prevent possible customer frustration. All our websites are designed to be responsive, so you can be confident, that your website will be displayed the way to is meant to be.

Websites are being viewed more and more on mobile devices. For example, in 2012, mobile usage was 10.7%, in 2015 it was 35.1% and in 2018 it was 52.2%. The importance of a responsive website has never been greater and at Transparent Pixels, we are specialists.


Responsive Element Integration

Along with updating your website to be responsive we
add elements that will instantly help you generate business and new customers. A good example is a “click to call” which is where a potential customer is viewing your website on their mobile phone and they see an item they would like to purchase. They simply click your company phone number and their mobile phone will automatically start a call to your company.

Other examples of Element Integration are: Click to Email, Language Selection, Advert Popups, Live Chat Systems, News Letters, Social Media Popups and so much more…


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service

SEO relates to how you are displayed to people depending on what they search for on the internet. Examples of the most commonly used search engines are Google, Safari, Bing, Yahoo etc… What people type into the search engine must relate to your website for it to be displayed to the end user. Increasing keywords, taglines, alt tags on images will help increase this. Having your SSL cert “the lock symbol” will also help.

Along with google analytics and proper SEO it can really help your website hit that top spot when people search for your type of Business. For instance, if you were a pet store, people will only find your website easily if they type the name of your company into Google. If people type aquarium, dog food, animal feed etc… your website might not even show up on the first, second or third page of the search engine, meaning people will likely go with your competitors, who most likely will show up on the 1st page for that relevant search


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